Literacy in Health

What can you honestly say is the state of your general health? Do you think it is pretty good, average or going in the wrong direction? How ever you view your own health, it may be pleasing or not to you but you should try getting a second opinion from someone you know who is not likely to butter things up for you!

The fact is that knowing exactly how your health is can mean the difference between peace of mind and worry. When you have peace of mind, you can relax and enjoy life, but when you worry, you tighten everything up and elevate your stress levels. This in turn forces you to be tense and not enjoy life so much. Let’s explore this idea in a little more detail.

Why Worry About Worry?

It may seem strange to hear, but plenty of people actually worry about the things they have to worry about in their lives. This is a nasty spiral that can drag a person down into the depth of depression. The sad part of it is that it is completely avoidable by employing some mental discipline.

No one should have to worry about things that are not worth making yourself ill over. A common theme is worry over finances or lack of them, including debt and economic impact on a family or personal budget. Another is worry over the fidelity of a partner or over losing them for one reason or another.

The problem with worrying over things is that the more you worry, the more you are going to attract the very thing you are worrying about to actually come about!

Turning Worry into Calm Confidence

No one should suffer the ill effects of the stress caused by worrying. In fact, as already mentioned above, by bringing into play some mental discipline, you can actually turn away from your worries and make them recede into minor concerns while you turn toward the things that bring you contentment and joy.

It’s all about the state of mind and what you are going to allow in there and what you are going to keep out. It has been said that light and dark are not two things, but two aspects of the same thing. To get into the light, you don’t try and banish the dark through force of will; you simply face the light, or turn on the light by the switch!

Worry and contentment are similarly two sides to the same thing.

Instead of trying to banish the worrying by focusing all your attention on it (which just makes things worse), you turn away from the thing that is causing the worry and focus your attention on the thing that brings you contentment. By dint of the nature of things, that which you give your attention to grows in stature in your mind, while that which you ignore shrinks in stature to become virtually inconsequential.

Treating your health to a booster by reducing stress is a vital part of enjoying life and you do that by focusing on things that bring you joy and ignore those things that require you to worry over them. Gaining a better understanding of this concept is an excellent way to improve your health in general (see: for more information) and bring more happiness and joy into your life. It is literally about gaining literacy in your personal health by design!