Why Literacy Rates Are Influenced By Proper Grammar

A group of people in the world don’t worry too much about their own literacy and that of those around them. You might ask why. It’s not to do with their expertise or their understanding on different subjects; they weren’t great at school and didn’t really get those fantastic grades that so many talk about; their written English, if in its original form, doesn’t have that much impact on the reader – whether this is a business report or a letter to complain about the poor service they received in a restaurant. It’s because they understand that their writing isn’t as great as Stephen King or as entertaining as one of Obama’s speeches (which he doesn’t actually write himself anyway). You might find that you’re similar and don’t think you write great, but there’s alternatively to having proper grammar and understanding of the English language: http://www.itswritenow.com/1617/alternatives-to-learning-proper-grammar/

I read the above post and it hit home with me. I’m okay at writing, I went through college and university and wrote at a reasonable level, but I wasn’t all that good at spelling and other things that people were great at. So, my literacy rate is probably around average so I think I’m in a good position.

The thing here is, though, that I’m thankful some individuals in society want to help others with their writing and their ability to formulate words and re-arrange words so that they read correctly. My grammar hasn’t been at all good in the past, I haven’t really a clue what the past participle is: it bored me during English class learning what they are all about, and I have kinda got by doing what I do. I understand what where and we’re are, and they’re and their, so I guess – with reading different posts, pages and comments online – that I’m not doing that bad in the English and literacy field anyway.

Here’s to writing that little bit better and having people understand that just because they think their writing is bad other people are available who can look over and correct the different things in your words so that people won’t think you’re a complete idiot.  Also to all those struggling to learn to read and write in a language other than their mother tongue.  There are many who learn simply online using tools like a UK VPN to access English speaking resources like the BBC and other UK Television companies who broadcast online.